Posted on Wed February 20, 2019.

Been on holiday and still feel exhausted ?
Then you are the one who has done all the work over the festive season. As we all know this is hectic work: Out of bed before anybody else, so many mouths to feed, so many people to please, so many tasks to remember, so many smiles to smile and the last one to go to bed. And tomorrow it starts again.
Lots of fun and memorable occasions to remember. But you are feeling weary and worn out. You need a break. Time to recharge those flat batteries.

Laughing Waters Guest House is your recommended destination. It borders the Kruger National Park on the Sabie River. It is extraordinarily beautiful – set in a grove of magnificent trees and surrounded by a lemon and macadamia nut farm. This isolation makes it undisturbed by the noisy and frenetic aspects of every day life and provides a haven of peace and tranquillity a two day visit will do wonders for both mind and body.
When you visit us be prepared to rest and soak up the friendly, untroubled atmosphere devoid of loud music and parties. 
Please call us to arrange a getaway before 2019 really gets going